On yesterday, our family travelled to Tyler to visit Evan who is working at Pine Cove this summer as a worship drummer. It was a terrific day. The scenery was wonderful as the trees and the terrain reminded me so much of the southeast namely Tennessee where I was born.  We proceeded to arrive and go in to watch the ending session for a group of campers. We arrived just in time for worship!  Woooo Hoooo!  Entered the room and there were high schoolers everywhere! Behind them were the parents who came for the staff or for their camper.  The words of the song started. “He is jealous for me……..!” I watched as the kids poured out in worship to God with such a powerful expression of surrender and freedom!  As I looked around the room, I wondered why the parents were not engaging in the sweetness of the moment.  Then I heard “He loves us oh how He loves us oh how He loves us oh how He loves!!!”  Had to put my coffee down and engage with the kids.I am glad to see a generation of children who will teach their parents about the amazing faithful love of God. Just watching God move through our most precious gifts to turn our hearts towards Him. Oh that we can receive God and His love with reckless abandonment. Worship and pursue Him today!

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3 Responses to WATCHING GOD

  1. Jennifer Stracener says:

    I love it!!! I am in tears thinking about the unabandoned worship of this generation! God is doing great things in the hearts of the future leaders. I’m so glad we get to watch and join in! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sacha says:

    Precious, tender hearts!!! Loving by example! Go mom!!

  3. So great to read about how much the power of Torah and Jewish ritual has added to your life. I only wish that others could realize how much the G-d of the Old Testament can bring eternal peace and everlasting salvation. Thank you for your story.


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