Hey friends. I certainly hope all is well in your life. Well, today is my first official day of graduate school!    I actually started about 4 days early cause that is just how I roll. I can’t help but think of so many aspects of this chapter. The main one is that I have been totally immersed into a virtual world. Now any of you who know me will understand the trauma that I feel. It’s like that which I have feared (namely my computer) has come upon me! SMH. I am learning computer talk, have a virtual professor (who’s name is Dr. Taylor how prophetic is that), and virtual classmates. I have been plunged into and engrossed by another world. I am going to love it! It is what Father has chosen for me at this time. I have so much anticipation as to how He will use this for His glory and purposes.I am learning advanced levels of leadership development in a form that is almost counter to me. I love the energy of people and would love to invite my classmates over for lunch. The only challenge is that they are all over the world in many different fields. How exciting to learn diverse perspectives. Now for me this immersion has been a choice, but some of you have been immersed in things that you did not choose. Perhaps a child tries drugs and gets hooked. A husband decides to walk away for greener grass. A business fails and the finances plummet. How do you respond? One, it may be necessary to grieve what was, realign priorities, expectations. Two, dedicate yourself to spend time with a wise and seasoned confidant for support. Three, pray without ceasing to hear God’s perspective for yourself. Remember as a believer, you are immersed in Him first.

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2 Responses to IMMERSED!

  1. Holly Smith says:

    Congratulations on the beginning of graduate school and the virtual world-cool.
    Good advice for praying without ceasing and adjusting your expectations, lots of strange things going on in this world right now and things don’t always turn out as you hope. Be ready to keep your mind on things above and your kingdom focus, right?
    Blessings Arnita!

  2. Sonya Strider says:

    Congratulations on this new chapter in your life. I am all too familiar with the virtual learner. As I type this, I really should be doing my post for the week that is due TONIGHT :-). I know that you will attack this with all the vigor and excellence that you do everything else. With God’s help (trust me, you will take praying to a whole “nother” level), you will be an exceptional student.

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