Shakin’ My Head

A couple of weeks ago while listening to a national radio show,  a new company was announced that really got my attention.  The name of the company was “Rent a Friend”!  The conversation proceeded to exbound on the supposed success of the initial stages of this company.  It mentioned that people were renting friends to go to the gym or movies with them on a regular basis or whenever they wanted real conversation with another person.  I literally stopped in my tracks and shook my head.  What have we settled for!  There is no substitution for human relationships in our lives.  The social media avenues are great for surface connection or re-connection, but nothing takes the place of relationships with others.  I also paused to be grateful for the many relationships that I have been blessed to have and enjoy on a daily and weekly basis.  God places us in community for our own good, growth, development, and character refinement.  Life lived with others is sometimes challenging, but necessary and rewarding as well.  So if you are reading this and realize that you need community, please consider school, community, or church groups for starters. Go introduce yourself to the new neighbor.  It is SOOOOO worth the risk.  Encouraging you to be intentional in relationships this week. You may be the answer to someone’s prayer. Peace.

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2 Responses to Shakin’ My Head

  1. Raj D says:

    Rent-a-friend?!?!? (smh). The mere definition, “a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard,” contradict the idea of a “hiring” a friend. I think maybe our immediate gratification society has hit a new low.

  2. What in the world? I’m shakin’ my head, too. Your blog appears to be full of joy like you! Love it… I’ll be back. 🙂


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