The Goal

Goal setting should be an intentional part of our lives and part of our planned development as we do life. It is kinda the reason people have a bucket list, goals to accomplish before the transition into heaven. What about your monthly bucket list or weekly bucket list? It is wise and prudent to set goals in many areas of our lives. Of course, the goals should be rather varied. For example, some goals are means goals and others are end goals. It is important to have both types because they interrelate for success. Let me explain. Means goals will often focus on performance something we want to do better. For me, my spiritual goals are always for me to BE better as I walk with Christ. The result of being, results in behavior change when the newness is internalized. Ends goals can be those that give direction in the larger scope of your life and destiny. In the event you have not considered setting any, all goals can result from prayerfully asking 3 questions:
“What should I start doing?”
“What should I stop doing?”
“What should I continue doing?”

Every goal we consider must take into account the process of change: unfreezing, unlearning, changing and refreezing. Goals are so important because they position us for the opportunity to learn which welcomes in growth and development.

Here are some effective components that all goals should have.
1. Specific/Measurable
Every goal should have a defined non ambiguous outcome.
“Here is what I will do differently……”

2. Time-Bound
Set dates and deadlines for yourself

3. Challenging
Necessary for proper motivation

4. Few
Having a small number helps with focus

5. Participatory Development
Ownership and commitment toward the goal

6. Aligned
Submitted to the full process of learning and change

Goals add great value to our lives by allowing us to reach personal milestones in multiple areas of our lives relationally, spiritually, socially, financially and developmentally. Today is a great day to start. Setting goals can jumpstart your new year.

Happy New Year Friends!!

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