Encouraging you: Some things learned in the first 50!



  1. Everyone      is not raised like me. Small town values may be simple but so good.
  2. Differences      in people do not make them wrong or evil. Resist demonizing and bigotry.
  3. Most      of the time, God has honored the agendas and goals I’ve set. Pray. Set      them.
  4. The      pain of remaining with unsafe friends is rarely worth it.
  5. Religion      is a noose around your neck. It creates bondage and legalism. Seek      relationship.
  6. To      obey is better than to sacrifice. Blessing follows obedience.
  7. God’s      unconditional love heals all things!

8.   Maturity is not linked to age or position.

  1. You      can be the answer to another’s prayer without their awareness of it.
  2. Children      are to be stewarded as the gifts they are: expressions of God and His      purpose. Good parenting is observing what God has provided and  learning how to nurture it.
  3. Be      able to communicate your values and boundaries. This is aligning.
  4. You      are charged to guard your heart. You alone. Just don’t build a fortress.      Be smart.
  5. Sadly,      genuineness is misunderstood. Be authentic anyway.
  6. Betrayers      are always around and often known.
  7. Desperate      people are THE most dangerous people.
  8. Apologies      are expected but rarely given.
  9. It      doesn’t cost a lot to help someone. Generosity is a heart matter.
  10. You      are the solution to some problem. Discover it.
  11. Judging      and pre-judging is cowardly and fear-based.
  12. Change      is inevitable, hard, necessary, and good at the same time.
  13. Sometimes      you just have to pick your pain.
  14. Life      is refining. Reflect often.
  15. Some      endings are purposeful. Seasons are real. Embrace them.
  16. Passion      is contagious!
  17. GOOD      friends will not bully you and “love you” at the same time. Hypocrisy.
  18. Pray      for wisdom.
  19. Marriage      is redemptive.
  20. Stay      close to those who help you find your voice.
  21. When      people show you who they are, believe them, but look for signs of true repentance      always.
  22. Great      friends are treasures. You are blessed to have a hand full. I am WELL      blessed.
  23. People      change and receive help if and when they are ready.
  24. Decision-making      is so important. Make choices wisely.
  25. God’s      grace is sufficient!

About awtaylor

a woman, a daughter, a journey, a destiny ...
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2 Responses to Encouraging you: Some things learned in the first 50!

  1. Holly Smith says:

    Wow I love that-what wisdom and understanding you have gained and can help others with. God bless your 50th year!!!!!!

  2. awtaylor says:

    Thanks so much Holly! I have great expectations for this year! God has been so faithful to teach and disciple me thus far! Excited.

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