Hello friends,

I am Arnita Willis Taylor, the founder of EIGHT Ministries, a leadership development ministry. My personal gift to the planet is to help leaders reach higher levels of potential. My goal is to help leaders become better.

I am so thrilled that you have decided to join my world of leadership frenzy!  I am passionate about helping leaders like you value continued learning and helping you solve challenges. This blog will focus on leadership:  theory and practice to help equip every level of leader from executives, tag leadership to dreamers. I will give you very practical tips for easy integration into your personal leadership behavior. If you have any specific topics you would like to have more insight into, please let me know.

Thanks for allowing me to contribute to your thought life.



Pastor, teacher, mentor, singer, motivational speaker, floral designer, chemist, friend. She is a native of Murfreesboro, TN educated in the Tennessee area. She is an alumni of University of Tennessee Knoxville with a degree in Medical Technology. She has a 20 year career history in laboratory chemistry. In 2007, Arnita dedicated the rest of her life to building the believers in the local church as a minister of the gospel.

A natural leader, Arnita has held many diverse leadership roles in the local church with 25 years of ministry experience. She has extensive practical experience in worship, youth, prayer, prophetic, women, and has been called an expert in small group ministry.  Arnita’s commitment is to equipping believers to do the work of ministry as outlined in Eph. 4 and to inspiring others to embrace the freedom that Christ has given. .

Currently she has laid aside a vocational pastoral position, Assoc. Pastor of Women’s Groups at GatewayChurch in Southlake, TX in order to pursue God’s leading to pursue deeper and broader levels of leadership equipping.  Her experience has inspired her to acquire a Master of Science in Leadership with a focus in Leadership Development from WaldenUniversity. She has founded a ministry called EIGHT Ministries, devoted to helping leaders become better.

Arnita has a deep passion for the Word of God and uses it as a plumb-line in life and in leadership. She frequently hosts community bible studies, small groups, swap gatherings.  She is a passionate insightful communicator for workshops, retreats, and other events to enrich and empower women to pursue their God- given uniqueness and destinies!! Her desire to minister in diversified ministry settings and audiences has allowed her to minister across racial, denominational, and gender lines.

Her ministry style is joyous, authentic, warm and casual, yet profound and full of practical wisdom. She is an asset in knowing the “how” and the “why” for ministry. She was blessed to provide spiritual oversight, recruiting and training for over 150 small groups including mentoring and prophetic teams.. Her success markers were astounding as she motivated and inspired women to step out, the ministry grew in excess of 60%. Her empowering leadership style motivates and calls to action! Her ministry has deeply impacted the lives of hundreds of women. She inspires them to be their authentic selves as she invests in their development.

She has contributed articles to Studio G. Gateway’s Women’s Publication on which she was the featured cover in Mar. 2008. She also appeared on Life Outreach International with Pastor Robert Morris.  Arnita is the Leadership Contributor for WISE Magazine 2012.

Arnita’s hobbies are cooking, reading, entertaining, design and PEOPLE!!!!!

Arnita is most passionate about her family. She is wife of Michael for 24 years. She is the proud and grateful Mother of Evan and Nolan.

Arnita is a member of Gateway Church.

Arnita’s Motto.:  “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.”  Bible John 8:32