About 3 weeks ago, I was given the privelege of sharing a message with the women of Antioch Christian Church in Irving.  It was a wonderful experience! They are so warm,accepting and loving.  I spoke on the topic of change and God doing new things in our lives.  It was very timely for me as it was 3 days prior to my last day in the office.  Change is one of the things in life on which we can count on happening. Even so, we are all resistant to it on some level.  Our resistance is increased when the change is not initiated by us personally. When it interrupts our routine. When it causes us personal loss. Perhaps we are just comfortable with the way things are. We all also deal with hindrances to change. One, pride says ” I do not need to change”. Two, fear says “I’m afraid to change”. Three, rebellion says “I do not want to change”. Four, ignorance says ” I never thought about changing …..”. Five, laziness says ” I do not feel like changing”. WOW! Some of this sounds so strong even to me.  The weekend following the event, I went into the Keller post office which is something I do about 2 times a year. I noticed a nice young lady entering with me. We smiled and greeted each other and even ended up in line together.  She asked me if I spoke at a church this week and of course I said yes.  She went on to share why she was in the post office.  She said the message spoke right to her heart and spirit.  She realized she was just being lazy about doing something new that God was directing her to do. Actually on this morning, she was in the post office to get a box to house the mail for the NEW business she will be starting!  She thanked me for sharing on change and motivating her to move forward and take a  risk.  How cool God is for allowing us to meet with His precision timing.  How great it is to be an instrument of change.  Let us all embrace change respectfully, expectantly, riskfully, and teachably. Peace.

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Wassupp friends?  Just wanted to share a little tonight.  Last week, I was at dinner with my guys. Our waiter was very nice and talkative. He asked the  guys if they were watching the NBA finals. Of course, they proceeded to share opinions as I just listened.  The waiter finally says, “I just hate Kobe!”  So when he left the table,  I asked Michael what did Kobe do? He said nothing. He just hits shots at the buzzer at key times. I said “well that is good right?’ He said yes. I then thought HATER. The guy was blasting him for good things? Baffling!!!  So I came home and looked up the definition of hater in the urban dictionary. It is as follows: ” a person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. Hating, the result of being a hater is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesn’t really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock someone else down a notch.”  First of all if you read the definition and realize that you are a hater: SDP  STOP DROP AND PRAY! I’ll stall for 20 sec. 1……2…..3…..4…..5……6……7……8…..9…..10……20.  First of all, if you have haters in your inner circles or in relationships, prayerfully address. Realize that everybody cannot celebrate with you share in your dreams.  It is soooo okay because they probably do not know much about you and only take a snapshot of now. No one knows like you know what the Lord has done for you and brought you through!!!! Most of your haters will be people who are supposed to be on your side.  Let me give you three solutions to help with haters. One, know who YOU are and who is in your corner! Two, pursue your purpose by discovering who God has ordained you to be. Three, remember what God has for you is yours! God is in control of your life. Peace.

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Hello friends,

Today is a great day. Slept late. Only attended one church service which was VERY different for me!  I actually came in, sat down and consumed!  Not sure how I feel about this yet.  My heart is so tender for the people that I have served. During worship today, I slightly turned my head to the left.  My eye instantly caught a family that I have had so much ministry time  praying and watching God move in their lives.  I watched as a man passionately poured his heart out to God in worship. A man leading his family in worship who has come up out of a pit of darkness and depression.  A man who a short time ago was suicidal and isolated. Couldn’t help but shed a tear and say a praise to God for my friend’s recovery. I saw a wife who was hopeless be overjoyed!  So grateful for the new level of life my friend is pursuing. A life that is abundant and fresh.  This just reminds me how good and faithful God is to hear our prayers. He is the One who provides truth and solution to His kids. He answers our prayers. Talk to Him.

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Hello Friends!

 Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

 WOW! I am a little shocked that I am even saying the word blog. For so many years, I have avoided doing this but now feel charged to share some thoughts, ideas, revelations, things. Guess this is one of God’s new things for me!

Speaking of new, unexpected, exciting… the word EIGHT has nothing to do with a quantity. EIGHT is a number with tremendous spiritual meanings. Its meanings include “over and above perfection or completion, superabundance, the first of a new series, beginning of a new order or era, fullness, commencement, seven plus one representing resurrection and regeneration”. In two simple words, it means “new order.”  We are all constantly invited to embrace new things in our lives as we journey through the process of life and discovery, so I pray that you will be enlightened and encouraged as we share new downloads from God.

Much love to ya!


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